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  1. Hi! Does anyone here lives in korea or knows a korean ailee fan? Im going to korea on 12-22May 2017 and I’m really hoping to see Ailee somehow and maybe get some official merchs from her fanclub in Korea. Would really love the help!!!! (Huge fan of ailee here!!! Been trying to find her merchs but didnt find anything at all) And would love to see her face to face once in my life πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. hi, do you have mama ailee’s guesting on sugarman, the geeks and duet song festival?plssss upload on youtube even without sub,plsssss 😊

  3. there are very few sub group who supports mama ailee πŸ™ previous vapp episodes were not subbed.other guestings were not subbed as well :'(

      1. not the latest,the 2nd and 3rd vapp ‘dance time’ and ‘ailee is back’ πŸ™ and sugarman is not subbed as well,ryt?

        1. Hopefully she’ll be on more variety shows for her next promotion period πŸ™‚
          I’ll try to sub them when I find a translator..

          1. if translators are available,can you please sub her concert with wheesung (parts where they only talk on stage) pleeeaaase πŸ˜€

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