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28 thoughts on “AngelicSubs

  1. Hello, just wanted to ask a couple of questions
    1) Within her music videos what locations would you expect to see?
    2) What kind of performance do you expect to see?
    3) What kind of style of a music video do you expect to see?

    Thank you!!!! these questions are needed for my media project <3

    1. I would expect to see locations such as a house or somewhere inside , nature maybe a beach , I would expect to see choreo which is quite active, also I would expect her videos to be quite modern and unique. Also her videos often have narrative. Glad to help you !

  2. I’m really deeply appreciate the subtitles you guys made.

    I have just known about Ailee for 2 days, and thanks to you guys, I know her a lot more

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work!! I hope you find a Korean to English translator soon so we can see more of Ailee. Once again thank you and know that we appreciate greatly your hardwork!

  4. Does anyone have the link to her visit on immortal song episode 57? with subs? I know kbs took them down and most links on the internet dont work. Does anyone have a saved copy they can upload or know of a link where I can go?
    Really want to watch the episode where she sang Fate and won. Sadly I’ve been searching for over an hour with no luck =(

    1. I would love to add more subbed videos only if I can find a translator T_T it’s super hard to find a Korean translator 🙁

      1. mama ailee do not have any sub group for international fans compared to other idols 🙁 very few (or none) subbing group who supports her 🙁 that’s quite sad :'(

  5. guys, can you update your subs video? i think many video was your subbed but not your post in this page.
    otherwise thanks a lot for your hard worked.

      1. otherwise thanks, are you hiring the translator? if i can speaks korean surely i help you, oh sad…
        how IF us give the pay for the translator work out? maybe anyone wanna be translator with that way?
        i’m sorry btw if i wrong.

  6. hi, can you upload all your english subs on youtube if possible? I find it easier to download when it is on youtube instead of through daily motion or mega.

    thanks in advance. And thank you so much for subbing. It is great for ailee fans who don’t understand korean.

    1. Usually we try to upload it on YouTube first, but once it’s blocked there’s nothing we can do about except to upload it on other sites.

      1. hi, thanks for your reply. BTW, I cannot click on the great marriage ep8. Is it not available? It is in black text and i cannot open it. Thanks for your help.

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