6 thoughts on “Ailee

  1. Im from the US and the work ypu do is amazing. You have gone through some tough time and I hope that one day you will completely heal. I really admire your strength and that you have the courage to go on and pursue your dream 🙂 your my inspirational and i hope to grow strong like you. Love from USAsiankid. Fighting!

  2. Bonjour ailee je suis français je suis tombé amoureux de ta voix et tu es tres belle aussi je te souhaite un bel avenir en esperant te voir un jour en france plein de bisous pour toi

      1. hi, thank you for this site. do you hav subs for the legend concert? 😀 i don’t speak korean but i wud be willing to help for the subtitles if i can speak both language but i can’t 😔

  3. ailee you have no idea how i love you i am from ethiopia i realy like your all work.and if i got achance to come korea i will vist you but its a dream annyo ailee kiss

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